How Is Colon Hydrotherapy Done?

Type of Equipment:
There are two types of systems, the open system and the closed system.

We use the open system called the LIBBE. The comfortable form-fitted table, on which the client rests, has a basin set into it. The equipment is plumbed to the sewer system from the bottom of the basin. It is odorless! Tubing connects the tank with the rectal tube, which is the size of a pencil.

The LIBBE colon hydrotherapy device is FDA-registered and approved. The rectal tubes are sterile and are disposed of after use.

The Procedure for the Colonic Session:
The session is about 45 minutes to an hour. Less than 6 gallons of water may be used during the session at a safe controlled temperature of 98 to 102 degrees. The water temperature may be adjusted lower or higher during the session.

Abdominal massage, foot and hand reflexology, pressure point release and energy work are also incorporated when needed during the session.

The rectal tube will only insert 2 to 3 inches into the rectum, just past the internal sphincter muscle.

Safe, purified, temperature controlled water flows in through the rectal tube and into your colon. When you feel the need to release the rectal tube will move to one side in the rectum and allow the softened feces to flow out, down the drain in the base of the LIBBE directly into the sewer system and odor free.

At the end of the session bifidus and acidophilus bacteria (good bacteria) is added into the colon via the rectal tube. Clean up is easy for the client. After each session the LIBBE is cleaned and disinfected and is ready for the next client.


  • $75 per session
  • $210 series of 3 ($70 per session)
  • $390 series of 6 ($65 per session)

Free workshop on Colon Care also available.

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